Our Knowledge & Initiative
Make Your Travel a Pleasure

Travel Connections is agile in its ability to deliver a seamless travel management programme combining the company policy together with each individual traveller’s preferences and travel welfare.

of Mind

Being an active member of the Bidvest Group of Companies within the BidTravel fold, Travel Connections is able to provide clients with the best fares and rates through the group’s enviable buying power.

This innovative group provides our customers with peace of mind based of a solid track record of many years of stability and committed service. Through BidTravel, we are able to keep abreast with the forever changing world of technology within the travel space.

Beyond the
Extra Mile

Unique to Travel Connections are our highly skilled Travel Specialists who are incentivised on the savings they make you.

Long after you have approved your trip, your Travel Specialist continues to look for further discounts right up until your travel documents are issued.

This takes going the extra mile to the next level!

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